Who we are

We are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We embrace new methodologies. We are driven by a mission of transforming student lives and shaping the next generation of global professionals. Through innovative programs which align with the high standards of Australasia Technology Institute, we equip our students for life, and beyond.

Interactive Learning

Interactive learning is a hands-on, real-world approach to education。 Students learn through their participation in the attainment of knowledge by gathering information and processing it by solving problems and articulating what they have discovered.

Exclusive Support

The Australasia Technology Institute listens to its students, and we have established a Student Support Class. The class is available to all students on week 4, 7 and 10. The Trainer can assist you in many ways and there will be a lot of one on one personalised attention. Don’t be shy and come to a Support Class, we are here to help.

A Word From CEO

If you are considering enrolling at the Australasia Technology Institute (ATI) or are a returning student, we welcome you to learn in a supportive and safe environment.
ATI prides itself in being a modern and well-resourced campus for you to be able to learn as much as you can. We do not stop at teaching the minimum, our staff and trainers know that some of you require that little extra, and ATI does that.
The rooms are well lit, ventilated and have computers for your use. Our trainers have access to many teaching aids, projectors, whiteboards and much more to ensure they can part their knowledge to you in a relaxed and modern environment.
ATI offers tailored support to its students in a variety of ways. There is no need to stress or to be worried. When it comes to learning our trainers can contextualise in a way that you can understand the subject matter whether it be in a hospitality, retail or sales environment. Trainers offer extended assistance in your assessment work or if you are comfortable you can do the work on your own.
As far as Sydney is concerned, it has much to offer in shopping, entertainment, public spaces like parks and our famous harborside attractions. If you are wanting something different again, you can travel to any of the many beaches, national parks, bbq areas and you also can easily travel out of Sydney and explore the northern or southern attractions, there are too many to list here.
The campus is in the heart of the CBD with an extensive public transport network for your convenience.
ATI wants its students to know that we are here for them in a practical and supportive way. Never not ask a question and do become a part of our community.
I wish you every success in your studies.

Bruno TINI

Our Mission
We transform students’ lives by enabling their access to one of the leading college. Our exceptional staff enhance ATI’s national and international aspirations by:
  • delivering a comprehensive and innovative range of education services
  • extending ATI’s presence in global networks and channels.
Our Values

Our values are PRIDE – five principles which drive the way we work

Passion: We love our work and we believe that what we do makes a difference.

Responsive: We respond rather than react to challenges, we can adapt to change.

Innovative: We embrace different approaches and dare to try new things.

Diversity: We work in an open-minded, safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

Engagement: We value the contribution of team members as we work towards shared goals.

Our Goals
Our strategic goals help us to achieve our missions:

Teaching Excellence –  to deliver a world-class education for our students.

Getting students jobs – underpins the value we all offer to students.

New business development – we continually look for new programs and ways to support ATI, including new ways of doing existing work.

Diversity – building ATI’s international footprint by expanding our offshore partnerships and program offering.

New Futures – our cultural, technological journey to 2022 and beyond.

Our School Vision

Our school vision is to give our students the best possible real-life experiences, skills and knowledge in their chosen fields that will prepare them for the Australian workforce

Quality Education Provider
The Australasia Technology Insititute is dedicated to the delivery of Quality Education aligned with building a sustainable Brand of Excellence, Innovation and Integrity
High-Quality Facilities
Situated in a brand-new state of the art campus, designed specifically with our students in mind, ATI provides students with a modern, vibrant and inspiring learning environment
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Our school vision is to give our students the best possible real-life experiences, skills and knowledge in their chosen fields that will prepare them for the Australian workforce

Power in Education
Learning a new skill or refreshing an existing one opens us up to an opportunity that may not have been able to present itself previously, ATI welcomes and supports students from all over the world and strive to contribute knowledge and expertise, nationally and internationally
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